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Camp Gan Izzy Sumer 2013

Day 2
What a busy day we had! From mad science experimenting to glow-in-the-dark Jell-O and bubbly lava lamps to Yoga with Chloie the Yogi to bubble fun and chalk painting, we can't wait for tomorrow!
Day 4
What an amazing time we had at the Jewish Children's Museum! Some of our favorite exhibits included meeting Superheroes Avraham and Rivkah in life size, climbing inside a giant challah, and shopping for kosher products in the grocery store. We can't wait for another great day!
Day 5
We had a quiet but BUSY day getting ready for Shabbat! We mixed and shaped Challah, prepared delicious rugelach, cleaned our toys for Shabbat and watched a funny Shabbat skit performed by the Morahs! What a great end to a fabulous week!
Day 6
We are off to a great start this week at Camp Gan Izzy! We learned all about Superhero Miriam who was so brave, baked cookies, worked out with Chloe the Yogi, experimented with ICE, and made our very own fire engine!
Day 7
Safety Day took on a rainy day twist as we practiced being fire fighters in our very own fire engine, made an edible fire engine for snack and read about "Mitzvah Giraffe," who was just like a fire fighter. We also enjoyed art, scientific fireworks and parachute fun!
Day 8
From royal ball room bubble wrap dancing to pasta jewelry making to celebrating Ruby's birthday to an amazing hands-on visit to the Firehouse we had quite a fantastic day at Camp Gan Izzy!
Day 9
Red, yellow, purple, pink! There were many favorite colors displayed at Camp Gan Izzy today. We enjoyed exploring with a "fizzing rainbow," making edible rainbows and experimenting with disappearing colors!
Day 10
We had a fabulous last day at Camp Gan Izzy! We loved making Challah, learning how a Torah is written and going on an Aleph Bet Hunt, watching a hilarious Shabbat show by our Morahs and of course having a fun-filled Shabbat Party send-off!